This is T-Magus and Gina. Their big intro was in Chapter 10 “Bubbles of Light” where they did some time travel shenanigans and put into motion a lot of stuff that’s still reverberating through the strip even today.

Then we saw them again here, just before the One Year Later jump.

If you’re finding yourself a little intrigued by their presence, you’re going to be very, very happy over the next few strips. We’re careening towards the end of this chapter, SF 600. And if you think that’s gonna be a big deal strip, then you’re been paying attention. T-Magus and Gina are gonna take us there.

SuperFogeys Kickstarter Update! My understanding is the mini figs have gone out and you should have gotten yours by now. I got mine! Photos forthcoming. They look so, so good. So crazy seeing my creations in real life. It’s a certain kind of thrill. I know the way as been very long, but things are moving forward and we should see it available for sale soon. Thanks for your patience, everybody.