It’s taken me 197 strips (holy snot, that is such an impossible number to the me of 2 years ago), but I finally did a strip with no dialogue!  Believe it or not, this has been a goal of mine for a while, but I could never come up with an idea I felt was good enough until now.

My next goal: to do a silent strip that’s actually funny.  Cuz this one?  This one is friggin’ depressing.  Will this funeral EVER end?

Yes, yet it will.  What’s that number coming up?  Is that…?  Oh it is.  SuperFogeys 200.  The countdown has begun.


Big thanks to everyone who has been ordering the collections of late.  We have some new readers with us and the book orders have actually been increasing even though we’ve not had a new book out since September.  (Though that’s gonna change soon–been wrapping production on SF collection 4 this week–pre-orders start soon!) Just wanted to say thanks! I know these are tough times, so it’s doubly appreciated.


That multi-week bug that’s sweeping the nation?  Yeah, I got that.  My wife too.  How about you?

Next Week:

The Money Man continues recruiting, this time paying a visit to Captain Spectacular and Jerry in SuperFogeys Origins on Tuesday.  And then…on Thursday…hmm…I’m not really sure!  I had it all worked out but then realized my scripts were junk.  I need to do some rewriting.  Never fear though, I’ll get it on track.  If I had to guess, I’d say Death, M.D. will be making his return. (He’s a fave of mine.)