ANNOUNCEMENT! SuperFogeys returns Monday, June 4 with the Origin of Swifty! Mark your calendars!

And so ends Chapter 22! With a GORGEOUS, Ditko-inspired panoramic courtesy of Marc Lapierre! The man has truly outdone himself this chapter.

What did you guys think? A bit of a breather chapter, as far as these things go. Not a whole lot of fighting or action, mostly just characters talking to characters. Honestly, these are my favorite chapters to read and to write. The only problem is that at this point we’ve got so many characters I never quite have enough time to give a spotlight to all of them.

But, whatever on all that. Jerry is off to the multiverse! To do… well, who knows? I await your thoughts.


Normally, we go on extended hiatus after the completion of a chapter, but what do you say we do something different this time? T.L. Collins is hard at work on the Swifty Origin RIGHT NOW (3 pages in the can so far)! As soon as we feel confident enough in our buffer, we’ll start posting the story once a week. The origin is slated to run for 15 pages, so… 15 weeks! Gonna be a fun Summer with an Origin you guys have been asking for almost since day one.


I’ve been threatening it for years… but I’m finally gonna do it. I’m going to come back to SuperFogeys for full art duties for one chapter only, Chapter 23. This will be a short chapter, taking us right to SuperFogeys #800. Now, this may be a bit of bad news for those of you who believe, as I do, that this comic only reached true artistic heights once Marc took over the art chores, but it’s something I really want to do before we close the book completely on SuperFogeys. My one last hurrah.

Of course, this means plans need to be changed a bit. For those of you following along at home, SuperFogeys was only supposed to run 25 chapters total. With the addition of this new short chapter, however, it will now run 26 chapters. So… more SuperFogeys in your future than there was before, not less. That’s a good thing, right?

As for what this Chapter 23 will be called and what it will be about… I’m still working through that. I know what the last image of the chapter is (and it’s INSANE), and I know, roughly, which neglected characters I’d like to throw a spotlight on, but I don’t have a title or even a lot of specifics. It’s a long ways off yet (gotta get that Swifty origin out there first), so there’s time for these things, but my goal is to make it something special that maaaaaaybe hearkens back to the early days of the strip. I dunno. We’ll see.

See you… soonish! Watch the blog for announcements!