Loved the great responses to last Friday’s strip. This is my favorite sequence in this chapter and it looks like it’s yours as well.

It’s a tricky thing, writing a villain. You’ve got to make them a credible threat, but at the same time you’ve got to believe they’re an actual person. You’ve got to humanize them a little or they don’t seem real and, thus, not a threat. But it’s a fine line. You want them to be relatable, but not too relatable. You want them to be monstrous, but not too monstrous or they’re just EEEEVIL and not believable.

I like to think Thrice Evil doesn’t have very many friends. He has followers, but not friends. The idea that, for a moment, he’d found someone–someone he knows very, very well who has every right to be repulsed by him and who knows a thing or two about evil and manipulation himself–and that THAT person would enjoy his company… I imagine that would be a very attractive prospect for him. I think he would like to sit down and have coffee with that person. It’s unexpected, but it’s a very human thing to do.

So, of course he gets a coffee pot smashed over his head.


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