Have you ever done something really, truly awful? This is a yes or a no question, not a tell-us-all-about-it question.

I feel like I certainly have. I’ve done things that made me feel like I didn’t deserve love or a second chance or just basic, decent, good things in my life. I’ve also known people who felt the same way about things they did and it’s just a destructive, destructive pattern of thought.

Sometimes, it’s satisfying to wallow in the mire. We think we deserve the muck and the stain and so we stay there and call that just and fair and right. But it’s not. As human beings, I think we’re worth a lot more than that. We have a divine spark that shouldn’t be put out by our mistakes. It can be, but only if we let it.

The question is: are we willing to pull out of the depressing muck of our own making? We’re certainly able, but after (perhaps) so many failed attempts and the many slaps life likes to dish out, maybe we think we can’t.

That’s the lie.

Next week: Soviet Sam wants to talk to Spy Gal about a little, uh, incident that happened earlier. But will she let him?