Here’s a secret: these types of strips are some of my favorites. Moving this particular story along doesn’t always allow for these moments of reflection and contemplation, but when they can happen I love to see them. The gold standard, for me, is still this one, but there’s a lot to love in today’s as well–mostly due to Marc’s stellar art and handling of Thrice in his prime, a sight we don’t get to see too often (this SFO being a rare instance).

I was mightily impressed by the comments last week and the research that went into the discussions. Jerden asked some great questions about Money Man’s status and I thought King G really stepped up to tie a bunch of threads together in an interesting way in order to answer those questions. Is he right? Is he wrong? Either way, it’s worth going back a strip too see what was said.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you guys make this all worth doing. It’s incredibly gratifying to see people get really caught up in a story you create in the way you hoped they would.

Speaking of Marc’s art, have you guys checked out The Art of Marc Lapierre on Facebook? Mark posts new, non-SuperFogeys sketches pretty much daily. Some of them are fairly hilarious. My favorite recent one was a Wampa dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. It has to be seen to be believed.