I was positively knocked out by that first panel. That’s a lot of very tiny characters Marc fit in there, and I can identify all of them. Pretty snazzy.

For those of you just joining us… this what it looks like when it hits the fan. Tangerine, who has repented of his killing ways, has been coerced into taking up his cyber arm once again to take out Zurida, one of the architects of the alien invasion, but who has recently fallen out with Pilatius and Bezuel, the other chief architects. If Tangerine doesn’t kill Zurida, then his sons Captain Emo and Mega Matt die. Standing by with an allegiance in question is Dark Maiden, the evil, insane version of the heroic Star Maiden. Surrounding all of them is the captive Captain Spectacular, Dr. Rocket, Zurida’s aide Sokol, Cap’s ex- and recently resurrected wife Michelle, their son Tom, and Percy, the son of Zurida and Captain Spectacular. Whew.

What’s next? See you on Wednesday.

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