Many of you have been commenting on how calm Spy Gal has been so far in this chapter and how scary that makes her. I think whenever someone is behaving in a manner contrary to how we expect, that can be a little concerning. If a child knows he’s done wrong and he knows his parents know and the parents are not letting him have it, then he’s just waiting for the hammer to fall. The longer the scenario drags out, the worse it gets. Until finally it does come down and then… oh boy. Watch out.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the device Spy Gal has placed on Jerry’s arms. Waaaaaay back in SuperFogeys 11 – The Power Dampener, Spy Gal first got outfitted with one of her own, and then memorably got rid of it in SF 363 – Liberated. Gene was the one who put the dampener on Spy Gal in the first place, but of course he was under orders from… Dr. Klein.

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