Aaaaaannnnd that’s a wrap, folks! The end of SuperFogeys Babies… or is it? As you can see, the door is wide open for a part two. If my partners in crime Denver Brubaker and Jeff Couturier (if you haven’t yet checked out their solo work, what’s wrong with you???) are ever up for it, I am. They’ve done a knock out job with this story. The designs of the SF Babies never stopped making me laugh and the storytelling was always, always spot on. Great work, guys!

And with that, SuperFogeys Origins is going on a bit of an indefinite hiatus. At least, new episodes will be. I need to go recruitin’ and find new artists willing and able to take the plunge and craft up some new stories with me. I even have a script all ready to do about Spy Gal’s time training with the Money Man before the formation of the Society of Heroes. I’d also still love to tell Swifty’s origin and I’d LOVE to tell the story of what happened to Captain Spectacular ¬†and Dr. Rocket in the months following their return to Earth back in the 1940′s. But I need collaborators! So, it’s time for a bit of a recharge.

In the meantime, I’ll be rerunning some of my favorite Origins stories here every Friday. But don’t worry–you’ll still be seeing brand new regular SuperFogeys every Monday and Wednesday. See you then.

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