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As of today SuperFogeys Vol. 1 is gonna set you back a measly $12.99 plus shipping. That’s a dang good deal. For that price you get Chapters 1-5, 5 Untold Stories (most of which have yet to appear online), Commentaries, Sketches, and more.

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I was recently asked just what it is a comic script looks like and how much of what Marc draws is dictated by what I write. It’s a valid question. I know there are some out there that think a comic writer is just the guy who puts the words into the mouths of the characters. If those people see a comic where no one speaks, then they assume that the writer must be slacking and took the day off.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, I’ve been writing for other artists for a while. SuperFogeys Origins is more than two years old and I’ve written every single page and drawn none of them. Working with other artists is a pleasurable experience for me. I love seeing what they come up with and how they interpret my script. But how much is them and how much is me?

The truth is, as a reader of the final product, you’ll never know unless you have a chance to see the script that I wrote and can compare it to the comic itself. Marc is a dream to work with, but it’s still early days and I know the way we work now is different from how it will be much later. Most likely, my scripts will be much less detailed later on as I learn to trust and understand Marc’s instincts more. For now, I pretty much fall back on my default mode of scripting: be as detailed as possible.

The thing you have to understand about the way I script is that I’m an artist myself. I may be denying that part of myself right now, but it’s in me. So, I’m fairly good at thinking visually. The great thing that comics can do is communicate different parts of the story through the two different elements in play: words and pictures. A great comic is one thing if you just look at the pictures, another thing if you just read the words, and something greater than both when you put them together. That’s the pocket I like to operate in. I’m not saying I’m always successful, but that’s what I aim for.

To further enlighten the discussion, here’s the script for today’s comic:


303 –

1- Looking down on the two Tangerines talking. Old Tangerine is in his cell, just as we left him with Bible, glasses and pipe– though he’s no longer weepy. High above them is the two Space Pigs, flying overhead. Our vantage point is theirs, perhaps we’re looking past them. (Or another angle that works for you, Marc. Point is that we need to show the Space Pigs coming into the scene.) Young Tangerine pleads with Old, confused Tangerine.






Ya can’t do


this to us. If we ain’t


killin’, then who


are we?






I…I don’t know.


2- Now at eye level with the Tangerines. Young Tangerine is screaming at his older counterpart in hyped up, manga style. The two Space Pigs (who look identical) float at about eye level on the right side of the panel. They strike angelic poses. (Think the old cartoons of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other—Young Tangerine is the devil.) Left to right: Young Tangerine, Tangerine, Space Pig One, Space Pig Two.






You’re a murderous


machine of justice! Not


some namby-pamby


religious jaghole!






No, you can be










3- Same as 2, except now Young Tangerine is focusing his attention on the Space Pigs. He’s still quite upset. The Space Pigs aren’t backing down though. Ignored, Tangerine holds his open Bible up to his face like a protective shield, peeking up over the cover to watch the fight with concern and comical fear.






Stay out of this, pigs!


‘fore I squish ya both!






Ever been peed on


by two space pigs?






Rip Van Winkle?


True story.


As you can see, Marc did a fantastic job sticking to the script and giving me exactly what I asked for. Now, in the process of that we went through a couple of revisions of some panels. I don’t often ask for a redraw, but, as you can see, in the case of this script I had a very specific vision for it. Marc stepped up and didn’t grumble one bit about that. We work pretty well together.

If you guys dig this sort of thing, I’ll show you another script down the line where the final product differed from the script more and show you a bit of the evolution of the process Marc and I have together.


One character Marc hasn’t really had a chance to draw yet is the Thrice Evil, but that didn’t stop him from breaking out his sketch pad not too long ago and busting out this awesome rendition:

If you can’t see this image, click here!


My Grandpa Heasley died last week (no need to acknowledge this in the comments or extend condolences–I see death as a pretty happy occasion and I’m glad he’s at peace) and tomorrow I head out of town to attend his funeral with Dictator Tot (who is 8 now, but still…she’ll always be Dictator Tot to me). As such, I won’t be around too much until Monday. Please do not take my silence as rudeness.