After 21 weeks, my wife and I have finally decided to make the impending arrival of our third child and girl public knowledge. She’ll be arriving on February 18th of next year and we’re incredibly happy about it.

How this impacts the SuperFogeys remains to be seen…but don’t worry, I’m taking measures!


For my fellow webcomickers out there, please allow me to direct your attention to a new site that just went up yesterday, Webcomic Alliance. It looks to be a terrific site and resource for those of you, like me, who are grinding away on this webcomic thing and would like some fun, friendly tips and advice. I’m really impressed with how complete and stuffed to the gills with cool stuff the site already is upon launch.

Some good friends of the SuperFogeys like Dawn Griffin, Byron Wilkins and Kurt Sasso are behind this one, so please do check it out! It’s free!


Just a quick reminder here that every week I’ll be offering a new SuperFogeys wallpaper in exchange for a donation of any amount. You’ll know the wallpaper has been changed because the Money Man Donation Icon up top will show the new one.

Click on the Money Man to go to the donation screen, or you can justĀ click here.


Will the emotional blowup with Monica turn Spy Gal away from her life of crime? Find out Tuesday with SuperFogeys Origins.

Then, on Thursday, two more Fogeys meet their younger counterparts in a double-sized strip you do not want to miss!