I can’t begin to tell you how much fun the past few weeks have been. Seeing one entry after another come in–all those great pinups of Spy Gal–I just got a huge kick out of it. It was also humbling to see how much people love these characters, and Spy Gal in particular. I know there are webcomics out there with much larger followings than SuperFogeys, but do those comics have the same kind of dedicated, passionate fans? I think not.

So, a big congratulations to Lee Cherolis! He will be the artist for the long-awaited Spy Gal origin story and I could not be more excited about that! The Spy Gal origin is filled with all sorts of twists and turns and I think we can all agree that Lee has the chops to pull it off. The first part of the script is comin’ at ya soon, Lee.

As you’ll recall, I did this conducted this competition in conjunction with Legend of Bill’s David Reddick. His was the task of handpicking the winner of this little contest and I was glad it was him and not me! I think I would have had too hard a time deciding. Here’s what David has to say about choosing Lee:

“This contest Brock and I dreamed up was FUN. I got to see some GREAT pin-ups of Spy Gal, plus discovered a few new artists along the way. It was a tough selection. A few of you guys and gals really showed some serious chops. But one stood out for me that undeniably possessed the qualities for Spy Gal, for SuperFogeys and for this PARTICULAR story, and it was Lee. His drawing made me check out his website, as I did for every one of the other contestants, and between his Spy Gal and the overall feel of his linework, staging, posing, and even coloring, he was dead on. So I’m lookin’ forward to working with you, Lee. Nowthen, before we begin… get me some coffee, a bagel, and don’t be stingy with the cream cheese. Oh yeah. Wax on… wax off. What? You thought this was gonna be an EASY path you have chosen?! Congrats, Lee! ;-)

Congrats, Lee! It’s well-deserved and I’m very much looking forward to working with you!


During the last day of the competition it seemed like I was getting a new entry every hour! I’ve got a wealth of Spy Gal fan art to share with you all as a result. I’ll post some today, but there’s so much of it I think I had better spread the wealth a little. Look for more next week! On with the show.

Young Spy Gal by Gwen Patton! (Click here if you cannot see this image)


Young, Aquatic Spy Gal by Jason Williams! (Click here if you cannot see this image.)






Young Spy Gal by Mark Engel! (Click here if you cannot see this image.)




SUPER Young Spy Gal by Steve Coffin! (Click here if you cannot see this image.)

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Be sure and click on the artists’ names to see the other work they’re doing. More next week!


On Tuesday Star Maiden and Starbrighter have some choice words for each other, and Star Maiden makes a big decision! It’s SuperFogeys Origins with art by Wes Molebash!

Then, on Thursday, another Fogey sits down with Dr. Klein. This time it’s…the mute Fogey, The Thrice Evil! Will he speak or will there be a staring contest?? Find out next week!