Man, do I feel better. While I regretted not being able to pull it together enough to get a proper strip out last week, I sure did need the rest.  I guarantee you what you see above is not what I would have posted last week if I had pushed myself harder than I was able.  Hope you enjoy this slight artistic departure.  I know I had some fun with it.

Thanks again to everyone for their concern and support while I and my family dealt with some pressing medical issues. I like this nice end of the internet I seem to have stumbled into.


Big stuff going down at Tall Tale Features (the premier webcomic collective that I’m lucky enough to be a part of) this month.  Not only has the sight been redesigned, but we’ve also added two new members to our roster!

First up is a comic I’ve been following since it started, Irma E.‘s Imy. Irma, an American living in Sweden and an extremely nice person (not to mention fan of SF!), started Imy as more of a hobby but over time it has turned into something really special.  I implore you to check it out.

Next up is Gill by the depressingly talented Norm Feuti.  “Depressingly” because on my best day I could not be the artist Norm is.  He has a command of his tools that I greatly envy.  The writing on Gill is no slouch either and it’s never less than a professional piece of work, from top to bottom (or left to right as the case may be).

Bookmark both of those comics.  You won’t regret it.


This is pretty cool.  Ming, aka Artmaker, aka superfan of the SuperFogeys, is putting together a list of the 50 Most Noteworthy People in Webcomics.  Right now, he’s taking your nominations and it looks to be a lot of fun.  There’s lots of competitions and awards handed out in the webcomic world, but this is the first one I’ve seen that focuses more on the people and less on the comics themselves.  The results should be interesting…


It’s finally here!  Man, I am so excited.  I ran a short contest on Twitter this week to offer up a chance to a lucky few people to preview the complete first page of SFO and those that won and took a look were very positive in their responses.

SFO is a big change of pace from what you’ve seen from the SuperFogeys so far, but I think you’re gonna dig it.  It’s still very much within the same universe, but from a completely different angle and in a new format.  You’ll see…

Next Week:

Remember, from now on it’s “SuperFogeys Origins” on Tuesdays and “The SuperFogeys” on Thursdays. Tuesday brings the first page of “SuperFogeys Origins: The Money Man.”  On Thursday we’ll see the penultimate chapter of this long, long, way too long origin of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket!  We’ll see the duo finally make it back to Earth, but it’s not gonna be what they’re expecting…