This is the second appearance of the Bubbles of Light. No one questioned the first appearance back in Chapter 4 and I don’t really blame them. There wasn’t much to go on. Here we get a few more clues, leading to the obvious conclusion that Swifty—or at least some iteration of him—is time-traveling.
The Bubbles of light came about because I needed some way to represent visually the time travel. It’s not very inventive, but the Bubbles are just a shorthand for “time travel energy.” This is the last we see of them in this Volume, but they will pop up again in the next one with even more clues as to their meaning and origin. 

About Tuesday’s Strip…

If you were one of the first 500 or so people to see Tuesday’s strip, “5.157 – The Third Man’s Message” then you saw something that was not quite the final version. Click on back one to see what I mean (and for a full explanation), but I can guarantee you it’s now 100% funnier.

Bubbles of Light?

Notice the title of this strip?

“Yes, Brock, it’s says “Bubbles of Light 2.”

Right. Anything about that stick out to you?

“You mean other than your COMPLETELY obvious naming convention?”


“Well, let’s see…ah, I see what you’re getting at now. The “2.”

That’s it.

“I suppose now you expect me to dig through your archives to find ‘Bubbles of Light 1?’”

If you want to. I mean, that would be nice, yeah.

“If I find another loose plot thread, I think I’m coming to California to kill you.”

Good luck. I’m a slippery fellow.

“Oh, I have my ways. Pray I do not cast my net in your direction. I can assure you you will be snared.”

No, I’m serious. I’m very slippery. I lather up with body oil every morning. I’m like fleshy greased lightning.

“You’re disgusting.”

Next Week:

Wedding Plans are made and Star Maiden tastes the light.