Now, this I realize that this is almost entirely a cut-and-paste job from an eariler strip.  In this case, I thought it was justified as a)it allowed me to get ahead a little and b)it was perfect for the pacing I was trying to achieve.  I think the coloring really sells it and I had to work on that a little longer to get it just right.

Dictator Tot escaped using the bombs the Third Man promised to her waaaaaay back in his first appearance.  Nice to know he’s true to his word.


Remember I mentioned that little “Comic Swap” project last week where all the Tall Tale Features guys were going to draw one of the other guys’ comics?

Eventually we’ll collect all those guest strips all into one place, but meanwhile some of the guys are already posting the strips they’ve received!  Including mine!

Click on this link to check out my “Imagine This” guest strip!  “Imagine This” is a fantastic new webcomic by my Tall Tale compatriot Lucas Turnbloom about a man and his recently unboxed old stuffed animals…who talk to him.  It’s seriously funny stuff.

As a bonus…and because I’m nothing if not efficient…I managed to finagle this guest strip thing into a true crossover.  My “Imagine This” guest strip also doubles as SuperFogeys Episode 5.150.  That’s right - 150.  So…if you click on this link you’ll not only see my take on “Imagine This,” but also get a (mostly spoiler free) peek into the SF future!

I gotta thank Lucas for letting me do it that way.  He is too kind.

Next Week:
Jealousy issues and Jerry wakes up!