Visually, I really love this one.  After what I felt was kind of a visually bankrupt previous strip, I really wanted to do something different with this one.  With the action being outside of Valhalla and not featuring any of the Fogeys, the opportunity was certainly there.

Dictator Tot’s exit was a long time coming.  Originally, she was only supposed to be in Chapter 3.  But then, chapter 3 got split in half and she practically became a part of the cast for as long as she stuck around!

Readers with long memories will recall that Gene was formerly a guard at the prison (Hel) where Dictator Tot spends most of her days.  He was fired for introducing DT to Black Sabbath, thus the Ozzy Osbourne reference at the end here.

Oh, and that’s a gigantically drawn Warden in the window of the van there.  I don’t know why he’s so big.  I screwed up.


If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure and head on over to Tall Tale Features and read our fantastic, insightful with Berkeley Breathed!

Mr. Breathed, you’ll recall, is the Pulitzer Prize-Winning cartoonist behind “Bloom County,” “Outland,” and “Opus.” As cartoonists ourselves, it was a wonderful opportunity to ask a few questions of Mr. Breathed and he was extremely generous with his answers.

Definitely worth a read. Hit the link above!

Comic Swap Update
There’s a slight delay in effect on the Tall Tale Features “Comic Swap.” I’ve completed my entry for Lucas Turnbloom’s “Imagine This” and I’m pretty proud of it, actually. I cheated a bit and did a crossover between SuperFogeys and Imagine This, instead of just doing an out-and-out guest strip. In fact, when it does drop it’ll be a bit of a peek into the future–it also happens to be SF Episode 5.150.

(And yes, this does in fact break my “no crossovers” rule. You’ll understand why it actually works when you see it.)

Now Taking Preorders

Don’t forget that the SuperFogeys Collection #3 featuring all of Chapter 4 and the exclusive Untold Tale of the SuperFogeys, “Cellmates” with art by Chip Skelton, is now available for preorder! Guarantee your copy today.

There Will Be Blood

Finally saw There Will Be Blood this past weekend. Interesting movie. Fails more than it succeeds, but I can’t say I wasn’t riveted. I think there was a lot of interesting things going on there, but the minimalist style of storytelling employed by Paul Thomas Anderson did not serve the epic nature of the tale being told very well.

New Update

The new is still coming, but it’s not here quite yet. Gonna be fantastic when it lands and I’ve already put into place a great little “launch treat” for when it does. I’ll keep you posted.