Welcome back? Did you miss us? I know it was a short hiatus (only one week), but there’s just something wrong about a week without SuperFogeys.


I’ve been looking forward to revealing the significance of Sam’s eye patch ever since we made the jump to one year later. This harrowing tale of the three little girls Sam couldn’t save is, for me, the most important of the stories we skipped over (yes, there are more, but I wouldn’t count on seeing them anytime soon–I created them only to make sense of where everyone was at the beginning of the One Year Later storyline).


For those of you who don’t know, Webtoon is the biggest webcomic site on the internet with hundreds of thousands of viewers every day. Over the past two months, I’ve been posting SuperFogeys and SuperFogeys Origins episodes pretty much every day. This week, we soared past 400 subscribers (as of this writing there are 432) and we haven’t even hit Chapter 12 yet. That’s over 400 new fans!

I know Webtoon is basically living in the past at the moment, but if you don’t mind lending SF some support, please consider registering and subscribing, maybe even giving us a like or a comment or two. It’s actually a lot of fun to read the reactions of new fans who are getting into SF at an accelerated pace. I’ve been especially surprised by those who are STILL doubting the Jerry-Dr. Klein-Third Man revelation, even 2 or 3 chapters later. People were really pulling for Jerry and Spy Gal to get together.

See you on Wednesday with 779 – The Only Failure!