Behold… the power of Percy.


HUGE apologies to our $3+ Patrons. You were supposed to see this strip a day early, as usual, but there was a delay in production that was entirely my fault. Marc, as usual, got the artwork to me on time, but then I completely spaced. Thing are a bit on the unusual side in my life. I’m in the midst of producing and writing a TV Pilot for a show called “Americanos” and the turnaround time on the first draft of the pilot was QUICK. Like, one week quick. I’ve pretty much been eating and breathing this show and in doing so I let SF slip juuuuust a bit. Not gonna happen again.

Hopefully some good things to come in the future regarding “Americanos,” but hopefully nothing that negatively impacts SF again! Thanks for your understanding.

See you on Monday with 776 – Tragedy Strikes (Literally)!