All evil despots know the best way into the hearts of the people is to humanize yourself with the fluff television interview! Become an evil despot yourself and try it. You’ll see.


Back in September I started posting The SuperFogeys on Instagram from the very beginning. Just this week we finally caught up to the end of Chapter 5. Longtime readers will recall that’s a pretty devastating end note, signaling a sharp change in the tone of SF and pointing the way towards the real story being told and the kind of dramatic themes still to come.

What’s fun about all this is seeing new readers slowly come to SF and experience it all for the first time. More and more, the Instagram page is starting to get people commenting on what they’re seeing and guess what? They’re going through all the same reactions and emotions you all did the first time around.

Anyway, if you want to join in the fun, come on over and check out SF on Instagram. Like and comment to help spread the word! I truly feel like there’s thousands of people out there who would love SF if they only knew about it.

See you on Monday with 758 – No One Else He Can Think Of!