I don’t know why, but I really love this strip. Probably because Thrice Evil is so genuinely afraid of these two–and we have a clue as to why!


My father was murdered in 1996 during an armed robbery. He was a guy who lived a rather full life, and being his son left me with a lot of great stories to tell. Years ago, I wrote those stories down in a book format, and I’ve since sat on that book and not shared it with anyone. For reasons that are mysterious even to me, I’ve decided to put the book out into the world, chapter-by-chapter.

You can read the first chapter right here. At the end of the chapter, you’ll find a link to the next one.

It’s a different kind of writing I’m doing with “Raised By a Dead Man,” but I think if you like the SuperFogeys at all you’ll find a lot to love. It’s not a morose tale of death. I can’t do anything without injecting humor into it. Responses on Facebook have been pretty positive so far. I’d love for you to check it out.

See you on Monday with 823 – Beating the Enemy Back!