Oh, Gorgeous Guy. Once you were Captain Spectacular II… how very, very far you have fallen.


I celebrated my birthday this past Saturday, the one year anniversary of the Trump Administration (yay?). I highly recommend birthdays in my house. We treat the celebrated like kings around her. Homemade cake from scratch, many gifts, time off from regular chores, lots of video games, time with friends… It all made me so very grateful for all that I have. After weathering a tumultuous 3 years years of job loss, job uncertainty, financial insecurity, and all that money jazz we hate so, so much… I can’t really say I have honestly suffered all that much. I have my family, I have my friends, I have my creative outlets, and I have my health. I’m blessed beyond measure.

Plus, somehow, SuperFogeys keeps trucking along…. here’s to all of you (especially our Patrons!)

See you on Wednesday with 757 – Just Another (Thrice) Evil TV Star!