One of the more annoying things journalists do in mainstream publications is accompany any article about comics-related topics with a lazy headline cribbed from the fight scenes of the old Batman television show from the 60′s. Like, “Biff! Bam! Pow! Superhero Movies are Hotter Than Ever!” or some such inanity like that.

But those same lame sound effects can be actually kind of fun in a comic proper, and I certainly give myself license in SF to use every cliche I can. Goes with the original parodic origins of the strip quite nicely. Also, I’m admittedly not great at sound effects. Walt Simonson (Thor, X-Factor, Fantastic Four) was THE MAN when it came to sound effects, weaving them into his art with crazy spellings that made them integral to the pace, dynamism, and flow of his pages. I wish I were half as talented at that crazy master of the form.


Marc just sent in the inked art for the upcoming SF 700 and let me tell you… wow. He is one-upping himself with this one. Can’t wait for you to see it!

See you on Wednesday with SF 695 – “The Mighty Money Man!”