Hey everyone, just a quick note here to remind you all we’ll be back up and running with the regular strip, but in the meantime I’ve launched a new series on my oft-neglected personal blog. I call it “We Are the 6.2%.” Most of you probably already know my wife and I were both let go from our jobs a week and a half ago, but what you don’t know is that I’ve been blogging the experience every day. I just haven’t been publishing them.

That changes starting today. The first blog is now up, all about the first day and the rush of emotions in those moments following my departure from my job. I plan on being fairly candid with all this, no for the sake of narcissism but because a) it’s not a terrible way to network, but also more importantly b) sharing stuff like this is how we connect with others and grow and help each other. I really believe that.


Anyway, here’s “Day 1 – Double Unemployment.” Expect a post a day from here on out, though I’ll try not to bug you guys too much about it over here on SuperFogeys.com.