The Terrible Leslie by Marc Lapierre

Leslie Bottoms was just a typical, down-on-his-luck, insecure Alabama geek who always seemed to arrive at the comic store just as the last issue of the hottest new issue sold out when Spy Gal’s battle with a team of Reactors lead by Gorgeous Guy spilled into his neighborhood. That’s when everything went wrong. The Reactors rifles malfunctioned and neither Spy Gal nor Gorgeous Guy seemed able to land a punch.

Spy Gal quickly deduced that Leslie Bottoms possessed the power of epic bad luck, enough to affect the environment and people around him. Leslie never wanted to be a hero, preferring instead to duck his head and avoid the trouble and trauma that seemed to always follow him, but Spy Gal had other plans. She slapped a kevlar vest on Leslie to protect him in combat situations and drafted him into the resistance!

Now one of the most powerful members of Spy Gal’s lead team, The Terrible Leslie is the whiny secret weapon the enemy never sees coming!