We’ve all got our thing–that thing that, should we give into it, that will take us down a dark path. For some, that dark path is the thing itself (I pity those who simply must keep up with the Kardashians), for others it can start out as something much more innocuous and then turn into something far worse if desire takes over. Indulgence can ruin you. Cupcakes come to mind.

For Tangerine, it’s very simple: the man likes to kill. The instrument of his death dealing was taken from him some time back (it happened off panel, but the last time we saw the cyberhand on his person, this is what happened), but now it sits in front of him. There’s no barrier between him and it, save what one would assume is some fragile glass. No one is watching. Does he take it? Does he not?

What if it was your thing under the glass (mmm… cupcakes…)? You know you shouldn’t, no one would know, and there it sits. What would you do?

Big thanks to those of you on Twitter and the SF Facebook Fan Page who wished Marc a Happy Birthday last week! We’ve both been really enjoying the increased the participation lately, especially on Facebook. That’s what makes all of this so much fun. See you Wednesday!