486 – On a Thin Tether

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  1. Marcus

    Do I see another flashback come on… :D

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      There… on the horizon… yes, I think I see it, too!

  2. gnrrrg

    Thinking that you can control the mentally unstable, extremely powerful person has always been a villain mistake.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      But one of these days… one of these days it’s gonna work!

  3. Oz

    Because she’s gone back to her evil, pre-Summer of Love ways? Someone needs a ‘brownie.’

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Somehow, I doubt even a ‘brownie’ would mellow out Dark Maiden.

  4. krheasley

    Dark Maiden v. River Tam. Now THAT’s a battle I’d like to see.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      I wish we had upvoting on this site.

  5. Andrew

    Old Bezuel seems to have grown fonder of his daughter since her ordered her mother to kill her as a baby and then betrayed her after she conquered their home world. I’m surprised she kept “Unidentified Military Officer With Fashionable Scarf” – which is so what you should call him if/when the Super Fogeys toy line comes out – around. Unless I’m mistaken he was also in on her betrayal the last time. I’m guessing memory loss is a side effect of the poison they used on her.

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley

      Sadly, Unidentified Military Officer With Fashionable Scarf already has a name–it’s General Makus. I believe an upcoming strip will make that clear. And you’re right–she seems to have accepted them, but we don’t know all of what happened before they all came to Earth. You’ll find out a little more next week, but not all.

  6. Scott

    I like that one general alien dude guy for some reason. Maybe it’s just the design, maybe because he seems to just be trying to do his job for the most part.

  7. CartoonistWill


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