End Chapter 15! This one was fun for us for a number of reasons. New characters… family reunions… fights! Marc and I got to try some new stuff and you guys were really good about being open to it. It’s interesting to me how the comments tapered off during the fight stuff. I mean, it makes sense because there’s just not as much inherent intrigue in people (or aliens) punching people (or aliens) in the face, but I’m not taking it as a sign that you guys were bored by it. I think you probably had just as much fun with it as we did making it.

In any case, I think it’s always good to check out a chapter all in one pop. Click right here to go back to the beginning and experience Chapter 15 again for the first time.

I let you in on a secret though… in a lot of ways this was just half a chapter. After I outlined Chapter 15, I realized it was easily longer than the 60+ strips that Chapter 12 ended up being. So… I split it in half. This actually turned out to be a very good thing because it allowed the fight stuff to really breathe AND it allowed me to really think about Chapter 16 in a completely different way and inject it with one of those massive story curve balls you guys have come to expect. Lots of stuff going down in the next chapter and you. Are. Not. Prepared.

It all starts on Wednesday with Chapter 16 РInvasion, Part Three: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun! You want intrigue? I got your intrigue. See you then.