Now, I’m a Mormon. I’ve always been upfront about that. Introducing the Book of Mormon–and talking specifically about one of its stories–was not something I did just because. I have no problem talking about and sharing my faith (did it full-time for two years as a missionary), but that’s not what SuperFogeys is for. So why go there? For the same reason I go anywhere: because it’s right for the characters and the story. Tangerine has changed quite a bit since he was first introduced (even in appearance!–click on the “Tangerine” tag to see what I mean) and it’s always been leading to this moment. He’s made a crucial decision about who he is and it’s the same journey many, many others have taken. (Stories of men in prison finding God and turning away from their previous evil are common–though probably not as common as we as a society wish they were!) You’ll learn more about the specifics of Tangerine’s decision–and about the story that inspired it–on Monday.

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