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My day job is also art-related and lately a few of us more creative types have taken up the challenge of trying to come with more interesting ways to deliver video content. Inspired in a big way by RSA Animate (whose boots we are not fit to lick), we performed a test yesterday using SuperFogeys characters to see if some of our ideas would work. Plus, bonus, new (cruddy) SuperFogeys art by me! Check it out:


Our second test is later this week and we’ve already learned a bunch from this one that should make that one go a lot smoothing. For one thing, I need to draw in such a way that you don’t see so much of my head!

And, yes, I have shamed myself with the voice narration. I did everything but the Swifty voice. Swifty was played by Jesse Padilla, who also shot and edited the short film. I need to get Tom Racine in there next time.

See you on Friday with Jerry, Pg. 9!