…or, The Spiritual Journey of Tangerine. Take a trip with me, won’t you?

You’ll recall that when Tangerine first came to Valhalla, things didn’t go so well for one of its residents. Soon afterwards, Big T was incarcerated in the Valhalla dungeon. He was not the least bit repentant. His sons then came to visit him, bestowing him with special gifts. Tangerine was wowed.

So impressed by the Bible was he that he couldn’t wait to tell others about it…though Dr. Klein was quite taken aback by Tangerine’s take on the heady religious matters within its pages. And now his younger self has come to Tangerine, and, as you can see today, he doesn’t much like what he sees.

We’ll be hearing again from the Tangerines a little later on this chapter. I can’t wait for you to see it.


On Tuesday, Spy Gal and Friends throw down with the girls of C.O.W.! Art by Chris Watkins!

Then, on Thursday, Young Jerry has an important question for his older self and Young Spy Gal gets her fight on! (It’s a very violent week next week.)

Countdown: 35