Is Marc simply the best illustrator of action in webcomics? I would argue yes. And the crazy thing is, I didn’t know that about him when I asked him to pick up SF where I left off! His work on his own comic never suggested anything close to this kind of thing. To watch his progression as an artist over the course of drawing this story has been one of the biggest pleasures for me.

If you haven’t in a while, pull out your SuperFogeys Vol. 1 and go back back to Chapter 10. Halfway through that chapter is when Marc picked up the artistic baton and while he did a great job, if you compare that work to what he’s doing now on SF it’s like a whole different artist. The progression happened slowly, but at this point the contrast is STARK. Seriously, look back. You’ll see. Be amazed alongside me.

See you on Monday with 874 – The One True!