Greetings, SuperFans! I’ve been getting lots of messages recently asking what’s up with SF and if it’s even coming back. Let me settle that question straight away… YES. It’s coming back. But it’s coming back a little more slowly than either you or I would like.

Fact is, Marc and I are in very different places in our lives than when we first got started on this journey together. Kids, jobs, and other responsibilities take their toll. Were it not for Patreon I sincerely doubt we could keep this thing going (thank you, Patrons!), but it’s no secret that even Patreon does not bring in anything close to a living wage. What it does bring in is important (yay for paid for art supplies!), but, much as we wish it was otherwise, other things often have to take priority.

Okay, so that’s what’s going on. The good news is that after taking a much needed break work on Chapter 21 IS progressing! Here’s a sneak peek at some teaser art for the first panel of that chapter:

I wish I had a return date locked down, but I don’t. Chapter 21 is outlined, the initial scripts are ready, and Marc is working on art. This is good news. More news and peeks soon. I can’t wait to start telling you about some more about the story in this next chapter. It’s gonna be epic.