Marc here with a look at my design sketch for The Caretaker, a new and important character in the secret history of the SuperFogeys universe.

Here’s Brock’s description for The Caretaker in the script for Monday’s strip:

The Caretaker—a cosmic god who lives on the Moon (think the Watcher, but actually active)—stands watch at Earthrise (we could see him from behind to make him more mysterious) with his shepherd’s staff in hand—a cosmic shepherd’s staff. His attire is up to you, but it should look very old and not be too reminiscent of a shepherd such as you might find in the Bible. Maybe something more weird and Kirby-like. You know, he doesn’t have to be a “he.” Could be a she if you want to shake it up.

After reading that description, I immediately got a clear idea in my head of how I wanted to approach this character. My recipe was simple, take some Jack Kirby design sense (which I do a lot when asked to design sci-fi cosmic fun stuff) and mix it with some David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust era style. I’m a big fan of both Kirby and Bowie, so combining the two just seemed natural especially after hearing one of my favorite Bowie songs in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ as the heroes enter Knowhere, the head of a long dead Celestial (a Jack Kirby creation).

New comic on Monday!