Well, what did you think of the return of SuperFogeys Origins? Triumphant return or shoulda’-stayed-dead fiasco?

It was really important to me to do a story that shed some light on Money Man’s character. He’s a student of people, a psychologist in a way, and a little manipulative when he needs to be. All for benevolent reasons. I always had it in my mind that Spy Gal benefitted greatly from her association with him, and that that the other heroes like Captain Spectacular, Jerry and Swifty were poorer for barely knowing him. I wrote this story specifically as a example as to why that is, which, of course, makes this Origin story particularly relevant to Chapter 19 – “The Man Who Sold the World.”

You can read “Spy Gal-Captured” from the beginning right here.

Big thanks to Jason Williams not only for the stellar art on this story, but also for pinch hitting for me on  the letters while I’m out of a job and don’t quite yet have access to the programs I use to do the lettering. (I should have equipment soon, so expect these pages to be updated accordingly when that happens.  Be sure at check out more of Jason’s work at Realm of Gallimore and his artist page.

The question now is… does SuperFogeys Origins continue? I have an outline ready to go for Swifty’s origin. Jason might be up for it, he might not, but I have to admit that the response to this story wasn’t quite what I’d hoped. What say all of you?

And in case you missed it… yes, I am unemployed at the moment. This has required some subtle changes the schedule. There will be a new strip on Monday, but that will be it for the week. As soon as I’m back up and running on lettering and can take that responsibility back from Marc, we’ll go back up to two updates a week as per usual. I fully expect that to happen the week after next, so not too long now. 

Also, in case you missed it… I am blogging my unemployment experience every day over at my new rechristened blog, “We Are the 6.2%”. Check it out if you like a decent, quick read. I’d surely appreciate it.