There were two issues that plagued this strip kind of from the get-go.

One was what Percy was going to eat in panel two. I originally scripted it as the femur of one of Zurida’s palace guards, but after seeing Marc draw it I realized that was just one cannibal too many for SuperFogeys. Plus, that’s just not Percy. Percy is tough–really tough, though you havent’ seen that yet–but he’s not sadistic or outright evil. I asked Marc to change it to a giant turkey leg like you’d find at Disneyland, but Marc came back with the alien lobster thing you see above. I loved the detail and sheer bad@$$ery of that, so it stuck.

Two was when Dark Maiden got her new costume. I decided the last panel made the most sense as you assume a time gap between panels 2 and three in which Dark Maiden worked with a designer and stylist to get just the right look. Seriously, she would have had to do something like ┬áthat. As a kid, I always took superfolk costumes for granted–but as an adult graphic designer I know to think about the time and effort that goes into these things. If you’re a superhero or super villain, you almost have to be a designer as a matter of course. Doesn’t matter how awesome your powers are, if your costume sucks people are gonna laugh at you.

This concludes the flashback for Dark Maiden. Hopefully, it also answers some of the questions some of you had on Monday. Thanks for reading so closely!