455 – You’re Not My Father!

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  1. Dierna

    “More BBQ’d orphans for me!”

  2. drew

    And when you consider WHAT tom knows…will jerry REALLY attempt to end toms life for real could this be the thing that future swifty was trying to warn everyone about when jerry finally snaps……

  3. Marcus

    Akward… :(

  4. devilflamejr

    Now now, before we speculate too much, lets see if Tom even survives this encounter. I admit, it would be weird storywise to just kill him off now, but even though cap’s son isn’t too bright, he IS an evil alien invading the earth, right? And weird (and awesome) plot twists are kinda Brock’s speciality :P

    • Brock Heasley
      Brock Heasley


  5. gnrrrg

    And why Cuba?

    Doc Roc had time to see that it was an alien setting them free and even recognize the species if he really wanted to. I’m thinking he made a cache of anti-alien weapons while he was there or an alien proof bunker or something.

  6. Spike Matthews

    And of course these two are half-brothers… Hmmm

    On an artistic note, I love the fact the lightning is Doc-and-rabbit shaped.

    Great writing, great art.

    • gnrrrg

      But Tom and Captain Spectacular have the same DNA. It’s a web comic based on comic books. Is Tom Cap’s son or his clone?

  7. Holaved

    Spike, I second that on the art! gnrrg- holy crap, you’re right! His DNA shouldn’t have matched Cap’s! It shoulda been partial!

    …unless the alien DNA scanner whatsit has different tracking abilities than we’d expect… Dammit.

    *stews in his own questions*

  8. CartoonistWill

    TO CUBA!!! Fidel, the barbecue is on! LAWLS

  9. CartoonistWill

    I think the genetics questions is simply something used for the sake of story telling. We’ll have to overlook it. :-)

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