Sorry for the two week break, but now SuperFogeys Origins is back! This is the penultimate page in the story of Captain Spectacular and Star Maiden’s trip into the Inevitable Dimension and, as you can see, it’s a pivotal one. Spy Gal who?

The whole story was inspired by a similar tale from Action Comics years ago when Superman and Wonder Woman faced a similar problem. For 1,000 years they lived a life in a separate dimension where they fought side-by-side and never gave in to temptation. I always thought that was baloney. After 60 years, you’d have to figure Lois Lane was long dead. There was no way for Superman to know time was passing by more quickly in this other dimension. But that’s how the writers played it.

This, however, is my version.

Big thanks to artist Julio Molina-Muscara for the especially touching work he did on this page.