I want to be as user-friendly as possible and this chapter, with all of the cross-cutting between storylines, isn’t necessarily that.  Not in the webcomic format anyway.  I know that when you read it all together it’ll be great.

So, for those that either don’t remember or weren’t able to check on SF those weeks, head here to see where Jerry’s family first popped up.


Over the last several days I’ve had the pleasure of reading along with the SuperFogeys’ newest fan, Cartoonist Will, as he went through the entire archives and left comments on about 50% of the strips.  It was a real pleasure for me, even if he does think Young Swifty’s new costume sucks. (Took me a while to get used to it too, Will. I hear ya.)

Will started by reading Chapters 1-5 on Drunk Duck, the former home of SF and where I still keep an archive. You can read Will’s own superherowebcomic there as well.


Handed off  the Thrice Evil origin script to artist Steve Ogden this week.  To say the least, he flipped for it.  His enthusiasm for both the material and my writing is truly humbling given what a phenomenal talent he is.  Don’t know yet when you’ll be seeing this story, but it’s coming!


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