Things are going well with the production of the first mondo SuperFogeys trade paperback. Last week I did a complete recreation of the first SF strip in my current style (to be placed side-by-side the orignal on the first page of the book for comparison) and created some new Bing Knight art for the Chapter 2 cover image.

This week I finally finished rewriting all the commentaries and adding new ones.  I also did commentaries for all the bonus stories, both published and previous unpublished. Clocked in at 20,000+ words, so I may need to do some cutting down before this is over.  You may recall that he commentaries will be running on the same page as the strips being referred to.  There’s only so much room.

Also this week I’m going to try something with the Space Pig I’ve never done before for the trade. I’ll let you know how that goes.

You can the SuperFogeys and order your copy of Vol.1 (containing Chapters 1-5 and WHOLE LOT more) in two editions: Artist and Regular.


At least, I think I did. I was writing one of the last commentaries yesterday and dissecting a scene in the bonus story “Cellmates” when suddenly I wrote the word “refriending.”  There’s a scene in “Cellmates” where Dr. Rocket tries to get back into Captain Spectacular’s good graces and the using word “refriending” to describe it just seemed to fit .

Of course, I quickly realized that there is no such word. My next thought was: “But there should be!” Thus, I am declaring it: “refriending” is now a word.  Definition?

Refriending – the act of reconnecting with a friend you have lost touch with/lost.

This is something that, with the advent of social-networking sites, nearly all of us are doing these days.  In fact, soon after its invention yesterday the word “refriending” was used in a sentence without any prompting from me.  True, it was in a conversation between my wife and my mother-in-law–but it was used in context!

“Refriending.” It’s a thing now.


It’s looking more and more like I’m never gonna get around to filing my San Diego Comic Con report (bad timing with the Vol.1 prep work going on right now), but you can at least hop on over to Tall Tale Radio and check out an interview I did with Tom Racine from the Con floor (it’s towards the end of the ‘cast). In it, Tom and I talk about the Con experience, the LOST panel I attended earlier that day, and what’s coming up in the SuperFogeys and SuperFogeys Origins. Check it out!


Yesterday, on Twitter, I got into lengthy discussion with Mike Witmer (creator of very funny, quite excellent webcomic Pinkerton) and Surfside Jack about the potential of reverting the SuperFogeys to black and white. Only a few of you have been with SF long enough to remember that the first 10 strips were originally posted in black and white.

Mike Witmer, colorblind fool that he is (me too, Mike), was advocating my changing back to inks-only art based on a 12 second video I posted showing off the inks to today’s strip (if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you miss out on stuff like this). Now, I’m not going to actually follow Mike’s advice, but just for him I’m posting the inks right here. What do you guys think?


Come on back for SuperFogeys Origins on Tuesday to see Tangerine take care of business.  And then, on Thursday, I lose a bunch of readers.


Don’t forget to order your copy of SuperFogeys Vol.1 today! Available in both Artist and Regular editions!

Also, SuperFogeys Chapter 2 now available in the iTunes App Store!