Over the weekend, SuperFogeys Summit 09 was held with “the brain trust:” myself and Th3rd World publishers Mike DeVito and Jon Conkling.  We talked about the SF publishing schedule, new ways to get SF to the people, how to grow the SF audience, etc.

I’m really excited about 09.  It’s a lock that there’ll be more than twice as many SF books available by year’s end, with collection #4 finally going up for pre-order very, very soon.  Also, in a just a few weeks, the big event known as SF 200 will hit and that’s gonna mean big things for SF.  Really hoping to use that as an opportunity to get this comic out in front of people.

Speaking of getting out in front of people, it looks like Th3rd World is sending me to my first convention this year.  More details as things become more solid.

Also, for those of you have been reluctant to purchase the books but have been clamoring to see the bonus stories inside of them…expect news on that front as well, soon.

Lots of stuff I can’t quite talk about yet, but keep your eyes on this space.


Ustream is this great site where anyone can host their own web show live.  For cartoonists, it’s a great opportunity to involve the fans in the process of creation by simply showing it.  What’s cool is that you can record your own desktop so that people can see exactly what you’re doing.  A chat function allows communication and I’ve used that to talk and ask questions of some of my favorite artists.

My channel on Ustream is located here. I don’t have a schedule of when I’m going to be live, but if you’re on Twitter (or check the Twitter box to the left of this column) you’ll always know when I’m broadcasting.  Hoping to do some live coloring either today or tomorrow (also a great way to peek into the near future of SF!).

Hope to see you there!

(I’d love to do some live pencilling or inking at some point, but I don’t have an external webcam. Hopefully that can change.)


Anyone else sick a lot lately?  I’ve been ill since last Wednesday and my cough just won’t go away.  This time of year is kind of the pits.