My only regret in having the Money Man’s origin so short is that we never found out his real name.  Oh, well.  I think you now know what you need to know about him.

Astute comic book readers will notice quite a few homages in this page, drawn to perfection by TL Collins.  One little peek behind the curtain I want to give you is this page, which served as a direct inspiration for what we did here with the Money Man.

Batman prays!  Who knew?  That page was drawn decades before I was even born and it’s just not the kind of thing you’d ever see in this day and age.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Batman praying in any modern incarnations of his origin.  A very surprising find.


Thanks for stopping by everyone!  This project has been a fantastic working experience for me.  Let me fill you in on the creative process involved in Superfogeys Origins.  At first Brock and I experienced some initial friction putting together the first few pages.  Coloring issues, missing moustaches, and ambiguous digital file sizes. Things seemed headed for disaster.  That’s when the strange dreams and hallucinations started.  Brock quickly convinced me to move towards the strange lights of the dreams and allow the “creativity tendrils” to access my gray matter.  Once I accepted Brock’s mind meld and gave away my free will things went much smoother, Brock and the Superfogeys now fill that void in my soul like the cult leader I never had.  Like Brock always says ” Get back to work!” heh. -TL


I hope you’ll all pop on over to check out Th3rd World’s newest webcomic, Interagents.  It’s a lavishly illustrated comic written by Dwight L. Macpherson of “Edgar Allan Poo” fame set in World War II and featuring (my favorite) superheroes.  This realistic take on heroes in that era looks to be a lot of fun and I’m eager to follow the story to see where it goes.


Found a new site last week that’s great for finding new webcomics, if you’re into that sort of thing.  SuperFogeys is listed on there as well and everytime there’s a new comic you’ll see a new listing.  My favorite part about the site is the voting feature wherein, after clicking on a comic, you simple mark “Yes” or “No” as to whether it’s good or not.  The cream will rise, as they say.


Every year (usually in May) there is a day (usually a Saturday) set aside for comic book companies like DC, Marvel, Image and Th3rd World to offer a special, completely free book to the book.  You can literally pick up dozens of free comics.  It’s a great way to get the word out and check stuff out you might not have otherwise seen.

For the the first time, Th3rd World is participating in Free Comic Book Day.  We’ll be offering a free, 20-page or our new, gorgeous looking comicThe Stuff of Legend.

PLUS, for SuperFogeys fans, there’s going to be a one-page, exclusive to FCBD, SuperFogeys story that I’m in the midst of drawing right now.  This is a fun, fun page and a great opportunity to reach a whole bunch of new readers.  I know it’s just one page, but you’ve got to trust me on this–it’s worth picking.  Plus, hey, it’s free. Free is good, right?

I’ll let you know more details as we get closer.


So. Next week’s Thursday edition of the SuperFogeys features a duet by Captain Emo and the Healer all about Dr. Rocket.  I’ve got the lyrics for the song all written and the visual is gonna be pretty simple.  But do you know what would be cool?  What if someone put the words to music?  I’m just putting this out there.  If anyone has a talent in this area (because I certainly don’t) and would be willing to write some music and sing it (complete with rap section!) …maybe some guitar…some piano?  I don’t know.

Is there a SuperFogey fan out there who is even capable of someting like this?  Brave enough?  No idea.  I’m just puttin’ it out there.  I’ll send you the lyrics, collaborate as much as I can.  And then, if you do it, I’ll of course post it right here.

I put the challenge out there. Anyone wanna accept it?

New SuperFogeys on Thursday.  The Origin of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket comes to its quiet finish.  See you then!