I needed that vacation from the strip, but I am sorry that it came in the middle of this mini-arc of the origin of Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket.  Here, then, is a brief recap of the origin leading up to this strip so far:

In 588 B.C. Dr. Rocket and Captain Spectacular are young boys named Laban and Amram, respectively.  They live in Israel and on the night of the Babylonian Invasion they are abducted by aliens, known as Jorbons.  The aliens can’t tell one human from another, so they let Amram (Captain Spectacular) keep the medallion his father had given to him earlier that day in order to tell the two boys apart.

Laban and Amram, now known as “Nomedal” and “Medal,” are held captive, in total darkness, for many years. Every six months the Jorbons let Laban (Dr. Rocket) out of his cell to be beaten and tortured.

Finally, one day, Amram is able to convince Laban to wear the medallion so that he can take the beating for his friend.  It’s a nice gesture, but when the 6 months are up this time both boys are taken out instead of just one. They are brought to a large room with two chambers as the Jorbon scientist Pilatius speaks to a group of Generals about how “Nomedal” and “Medal” are to be the test subjects in something known as “The process” and are to be given great power.

That leads us right up today’s strip.  Dang. Writing it all out like that makes it sound a lot more complicated than it really is.  Maybe that was a bad idea.

The Big 2009 SuperFogeys Announcment

Did you see it?  Big changes this year at superfogeys.com and the SuperFogeys schedule.  Be sure and check out Tuesday’s post to see what’s going down.

Freelance Job

Every once in a while I take on a freelance art job.  I mentioned on Twitter back in December that I was working on a big one, a Christmas present commissioned by my cousin for my aunt and uncle.  Several of you expressed an interest in having a look and so I thought I’d share it now.

Bear in mind that it’s been years since I’ve done this type of art and the scan didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped, so it looks a little rougher than I intended.

Next Week:

SuperFogeys goes to once-a-week for January in the lead-up to the launch of SuperFogeys Origins.  On Thursday you’ll see the debut of the newly powered Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket.  Be there!

(It’s also possible I’ll be previewing the bonus story in the next SuperFogeys collection.  Might want to check on Tuesday for that, but no promises.)