I wish I had never done the WebSpace pages.  Originally, I thought they would be a great change of pace.  A fun way to get to know characters better that the readers would enjoy.  Well, that all happened.  To an extent.
But then I kept doing it.  And doing it.  I felt some reader fatigue with these and I felt it too.  These WebSpace pages–which were supposed to be easier and faster than the normal strips–turned out to be anything but. I think some of my best writing is in them, but by the 8th or 9th one, it all got to be too much.
Why did I keep doing it?  To be fair to the characters.  If someone like Bingo Knight gets one, then surely Swifty does too, right?  Right?
The idea of the Healer being a music star goes back to his conception.  Dude’s a rock star.  His album cover is meant to evoke Gandhi.  It’s a direct takeoff of the Gandhi movie poster.  (Great movie, by the way.)