Beginning today, there’s new SuperFogeys issues on ComiXology coming at you every week! You can pick up Issue 7 right now, and I highly recommend subscribing so you don’t miss a single one. They’re only .99 cents each because comics should cost a dollar, dangit!

Why buy on ComiXology? Besides the obvious ease of reading that comes with the format on your device, this is a great, great way to support the comic while getting a little something in return. We want to keep making SuperFogeys, and to keep making books like the one coming out this summer, so your support is invaluable. Don’t forget to leave a starred review!

Marc and I genuinely appreciate the love for this comic. You stick with us through long hiatuses (sometimes more than a year!), crazy left turn plots, and the early, questionable art. And here we are, a graphic novel collection coming out in July, and 12 issues up on ComiXology. We appreciate you spreading the word and supporting us and these characters any way you can. We can’t wait to finish this journey with you.

See you again soon!