Hey all,

Well, it’s been a week since my last “Call to Arms” and in that time the needle on the SuperFogeys Sourcebook & Adventure Game Kickstarter has been moved in a big way! As of this writing, we’re 123% funded with $3,678! That’s incredible. Many of you really stepped up over the last week to give what you could so we can give you cool stuff.

But, it’s not over yet.

It’s time for the stretch goals. The Captain Spectacular and Dr. Rocket figures–those are a done deal. If you’ve backed the project with at least $10, I’m happy to report you WILL be getting them. But there’s soooo many figures we still want to do. First up is Spy Gal. If we can get up to $4,500–then the Spy Gal mini is unlocked! If we can get to $6,000? Soviet Sam. $7,500? Swifty. And I know you want a Swifty. We all want a Swifty.

But wait! (As they say.) There’s more! Just last night, a NEW bonus stretch goal was announced–if we can get to $4,000 then a set of figures wer’e calling “A Horde of Zombie Bunnies” will be unlocked. If you add just $5 to your pledge, you’ll get a bag of these bunnies. At least 5 bunnies in a bag, maybe more.

Why zombie bunnies? Let’s just one of the game scenarios may involve some bunnies somebody left in New York in 1986 and a certain Science Rabbit infected them… (Time to brush up on Chapter 2, kids.)

As I said last week, I know times are tough. If I didn’t think we were giving you a good value here, I wouldn’t be asking. The other part of it is, of course, that I’m trying to show Th3rd World that, yes, SuperFogeys does have some SuperFans who are willing to support it and we CAN do books again and do other things besides give away a free webcomic three times a week.

Am I right about that? I think I am. I hope you’ll help me prove it.

13 days to go. There are new reward levels being added almost every day. Want a drawing by superstar artist Charles P. Wilson III (The New York Times Besteller “The Stuff of Legend”, various Marvel covers) of any character you choose in his “plushie” style? He’s not taking commissions right now, EXCEPT for the three he’s donating to this Kickstarter. Only two left. I suggest you act fast if you want ‘em.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Every little bit helps. Those of you who are about to join us, I salute you as well. Let’s keep moving that needle!


The SuperFogeys Adventure Game by Team Frog Studios -- Kicktraq Mini