This one is from my fantastic Sister-in-Law, Karen Heasley. Thanks, Karen!


Jerry’s Dream

Upon entering the scene,

We see our hero’s been bold.

Though it’s taken many years,

And he’s grown kind of old.


“Oh Jerry, sweet Jerry,”

The Gal says with a smile.

“I’ve longed to hear you say that

For quite some long while.


“Wilbur and I,

We are only a fling.

I do not need him—

I don’t even like this bling.


“All I want from now forward,

Is to be by your side.

Why, we’re here in Vegas.

I could be your bride.”


And Jerry, our hero,

Whisks his love away with delight,

His happiness complete,

They escape into the night.


That pesky Captain

Is never heard from again,

He maybe has died,

The sorriest of men.


And Jerry and Vanessa,

They make quite a team.

Living forever in love—

Too bad it’s only his dream.