Greetings, SuperFans! It’s your Friendly Neighborhood Fogeys artist here. Another summer blockbuster movie season is fast approaching and one film I’m really looking forward to this year is Iron Man 3. Recently a new teaser poster was released which I think is heads and shoulders above most movie posters these days. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

My first impression of this poster is how it would make for a cool retro Mighty Marvel comic book cover. So, I tried my hand at drawing the classic Iron Man, worked some Photoshop coloring magic, added some Marvel-esque cover copy, and slapped on an old logo to create this parody mock up of the Iron Man 3 poster. What do you think?

Credit where credit is due, the logo, Comics Code seal, and corner box are originally from the real Iron Man #3 first published in July of 1968. I changed the month to May to reflect the movie’s opening date.

I’m a huge fan of the classic Marvel look from the 60′s and 70′s and creating this piece was both fun and educational for me. This piece serves as a little love letter to the Marvel Age of comics as well as to a great modern movie poster.

Here's a look at the original inks before all the Photoshop magic.

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