With the new SuperFogeys site came this blog you’re reading right now. (Doesn’t it look so much prettier now? Yes, I’ve heard your cries. The blog and comments have been difficult to read and hopefully all the cosmetic changes we’ve made in the past 24 hours clear up most of the issues. I can’t please everybody–but I think you’ll agree that reading the blog now is a snap. Now, go back and read the all the stuff you missed because your eyes were hurting so bad.) I’ve blogged about everything from the hazards of tipping to watching Star Wars with my kids to how I constructed the story for the SuperFogeys to reviews of movies and music. That’s a pretty wide rang of topics. Lately, I’ve been wondering if that’s such a good thing. Like the second season of Community (and boxes of chocolate), when you tune in to my blog, you don’t quite know what you’re gonna get.

Blog identity. It’s not something I give a lot of thought to. My guiding light is just to write about things I’m interested in and that I think might be of interest to my fellow geeks. What’s my blog about? Ends up being whatever I feel like talking about in the moment. But maybe that’s not good enough.

The question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately is: What do SuperFogeys fans want to read in this blog? After all, this blog does run below a comic. Do you want to only see SuperFogeys stuff? Webcomic stuff? Blogs about writing or art? I put these questions to you. Help me out! What do YOU want to see?