File this under: just for fun.

When I was younger, I was notoriously sensitive about my first name. I hated it. There were so many ways to make fun of it. The least of the insults was “Broccoli.” When high school came along, the name-calling got more creative. One of my good friends, Pete, started calling me “The Brockford Files” and that stuck for a long time.

I’m still friends with Pete. Even roomed with him in college. Thanks to Facebook, our friendship is now public and on the internet for all to see. Yesterday, he posted a picture of James Garner with the Rockford Files logo on my wall to remind me and keep me humble.

I decided to go him one better and created my own version:

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve learned it’s better to laugh at yourself than to constantly whine “Stawp iiiiiit!”