Hey, everybody. Big changes today, huh? You have no idea. This has been in the works for a long, long time. Let’s not talk about how long. Instead, let’s enjoy the new. I’d encourage everyone to have a poke around. You’ll find some neat surprises as you do and you’ll find that things are a little bit different than what you’re used to. I expect some grumbles, but with time I think you’ll come to love this new site and this new way of experiencing the SuperFogeys world.

Some highlights:

BLOG – This is the biggest one for me. Because the new site is built on the more traditional Comicpress system, I can now write blogs that are separate from the strips. You’re reading one right now! My goal is to have something new for you to read/look at each and every day–regardless of whether or not a strip posts that day. The blog will always be accessible from the home page, and will run here, below the strip.

REVAMPED NAVIGATION – Because Comicpress is so very different from the old system, we had to do a bit of jerry-rigging to accomodate both SuperFogeys and SuperFogeys Origins. You’ll notice six navigation buttons under the strips and between them all you should have no trouble getting to where you want to go. Of course, the quickest way to get somewhere is this:

REVAMPED ARCHIVES – By using the pull-down to the right of the navigation buttons you can access anything in the archives by section. Clicking on any one section will bring to a visual representation of that section and from there you can click on the exact strip or page you’re looking for. It really takes the guesswork out of jumping around the archive and I think you’re really gonna like it.

REEDITED ARCHIVES – I’ve gone back through each and every strip and reedited it and made minor adjustments to the Valhalla chapters–particularly the early ones. This mostly involved making adjustments to speech balloons to bring more visual unity to the archive. Reading through the whole story will be a slightly (slightly!) different experience than it was before.

BIGGER STRIPS – Speaking of adjustments to the strips, you’ll also notice they look a bit bigger. On the old site, I could only run them 800 pixels wide. The strips are now 900 pixels wide, from the first to the last.

COMMENTS – Comments are done a bit more traditionally now. While you do have to click to see and make comments, you can now comment on the strip and blog content separately. At this time, the comments from the old site have not been brought over to the new one, but I hope to have that rectified one day. It’s a programming issue and getting the right person to work on it has been a bit of a challenge. Rest assured, it is one of my number one goals to get those ported over somehow.

FAN ART – I’ve accumulated a lot of fan art over the years, and, up until now, I’ve had no place to put it. Well, that’s all changed and this site has a place for fan art. At this time, the fan art page will only show you the title of subject of the fan art–you have to click on it to see it–but that’s another of those programming issues we hope to work out in time. For now, I’ll be posting fan art in the blog section and it will immediately go into the archive on the Fan Art page when I do. I’ll be cycling through all the old fan art I have with time, but any new fan art that’s sent along to me will immediately get bumped to the front of the line.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. There’s lots more to discover and I’m sure you’ll find it on your own. Big thanks to Michael DeVito, Jon Conkling and everyone else who have worked so hard for so long to make this possible. Please do chime in and let us all know what you think!